Miss Austen Regrets

Feb 03, 20081h 30m
An outwardly confident but unmarried woman on the verge of her fortieth birthday reflects on her past suitors and the choices she once made while attempting to help her marriage minded niece choose between a number of potential suitors in this tale inspired by the life and letters of Jane Austen. Jane Austen is about to turn forty, but she still hasn't found her ideal man. When Jane is approached by her niece Fanny and asked to help select the perfect husband for the young girl, the aging spinster begins to wonder why it is that she never found a man to share her own life with. Perhaps if Jane had accepted the proposal of a wealthy landowner she could have saved her family from financial ruin, and what of the handsome young physician who once warmed to Jane after tending to her ailing family members?
Production Countries
United Kingdom
United States of America
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Olivia Williams
Jane Austen
Greta Scacchi
Cassandra Austen
Imogen Poots
Fanny Austen Knight
Phyllida Law
Mrs. Austen
Pip Torrens
Edward Austen-Knight
Tom Hiddleston
Mr. John Plumptre
Hugh Bonneville
Rev Brook Bridges
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