Half Brothers

Half Brothers (2020)

 December 04, 2020
 1 Hour, 36 Minutes

There's no running from family.

A story about the complex connection with a brother who is based in Mexico, meant to be a metaphor of the relationship between neighboring countries America and Mexico.



Howard Ferguson Jr.

Howard Ferguson Jr.

Corrections Officer Frey

Alma Sisneros

Alma Sisneros

Sister Helen

Beatrice Hernandez

Beatrice Hernandez

Sister Marisa

Stephen R. Estler

The Foreman

Pia Watson


Ashley Poole


Teresa Decher

Teresa Decher

Barista Beatrice

Ian Inigo

Ian Inigo

Young Renato

Tomas Sanchez

Pool player

Michael E. Stogner

Mad Farmer with Shotgun

Vince Newton

Background - Funeral Attendee

Mercedes Martinez

Diner Customer

Jesus Cris Acosta

Pool Player

Carl Savering

Factory Foreman

Wanna Choy

Bus passenger

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