Tress MacNeille

Teressa Claire MacNeille (née Payne; born June 20, 1951) is an American voice actress, whose credits include voicing Dot Warner on the animated television series Animaniacs, Babs Bunny on Tiny Toon Adventures, Chip and Gadget Hackwrench on Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers, and Daisy Duck in various Disney media since 1999. She has also worked on animated series such as The Simpsons, Futurama, Rugrats, and Hey Arnold!
Date of Birth
Jun 20, 1951
Place of Birth
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Known For
Also Known As
Tress MacNeill
Terrifying Tress MacNeille
Terroress MacNeille
Tress MacNiell
Teressa Claire MacNeille

Movie Credits

Sweet Old Lady / Colin / Mrs. Skinner / Nelson's Mother / Pig / Cat Lady / Female EPA Worker / G.P.S. Woman / Cookie Kwan / Lindsey Naegle / TV Son / Medicine Woman / Girl on Phone (voice)
Additional Voices (voice)
Sarah Ravencroft (voice)
Additional Voices (voice)
Anastasia / Pretty Woman (voice)
Slave Child (voice) (uncredited)
Anastasia (voice)
Movie Credits

TV Show Credits

Dot Warner (voice)
Mrs. Tate / Party Guest 1 (voice), Caretaker / Roy's Mother (voice), Jerryboree Receptionist (voice)
Ms. Dare / Gwen / Homer's Cousin's Wife (voice), Hazel (voice), Brandine Del Roy / Plopper / Dubya Spuckler (voice), Kumiko Nakamura / News Reporter / Dolph / Wendell Borton (voice), Bad Girl #1 (voice), Gary (voice), Lady in Audience (voice), Mrs. Chase (voice), Ms. Albright / Churchgoer / Jimbo (voice), Dolph / Agnes Skinner (voice), Miss Springfield / Martha / Tracey (voice), Female Doctor (voice), Crazy Cat Lady / Linda / Agnes Skinner (voice), Brandine Spuckler / Ms. York (voice), Shauna Chalmers (voice), Brunella Pommelhorst (voice), Dolph Shapiro / Shauna Chalmers (voice), Dolph / Madison (voice), Moira (voice), Kaitlyn (voice), Mabel (voice), Cora (voice), Luigi's Mother (voice), Dolph (voice), Maya / Waitress / Baseball Player (voice), Greta Wolfcastle / Mopey Mary (voice), Agnes Skinner / Adil Hoxha / Airport Announcer (voice), (voice), DMV Worker (voice), Mother (voice), Agnes Skinner (voice), Crazy Cat Lady (voice), Lindsay Naegle / Manjula / Lunchlady Doris / Cookie Kwan (voice), Mrs. Vanderbilt (voice), Ms. Muntz (voice), Brandine Spuckler (voice), Shauna Chalmers /Brandine Spuckler / Crazy Cat Lady (voice), Doris (voice), Shauna Chalmers / Dolph (voice), Agnes Skinner / Doris (voice), Shauna Chalmers / Crazy Cat Lady, Dolph / Shauna Chalmers (voice), Lindsey Naegle (voice), Ms. Muntz / Mrs. Bad Halloween Candy / Shauna Chalmers (voice), Crazy Cat Lady / Agnes Skinner (voice), Crazy Cat Lady / Shauna Chalmers (voice), Ms. Mints (voice), Sandra (voice), Female Narrator (voice), Dolph / Cuddle Kitten NFT Leader (voice), Agnes Skinner / Shauna Chalmers /Brandine Spuckler (voice), Power Plant System (voice), Brunella Pommelhorst / Doris (voice), Dr. Spivak's Mother (voice)
Dot (voice)
Mom (voice)
Kitten Caboodle (voice)
TV Show Credits
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